Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ear Worm

I was setting up to work yesterday at a relatively new client's home. They had done an expansion that involved two bath remodels and a new bar sink. It was going to be a full days work at the least. No sooner did I get going than I noticed that the young housewife was humming as she worked. It was a Billy Joel song that I recognized and after a few moments it occurred to me that I was receiving an ear worm from her brain to mine. Her task for the day, aside from caring for her young son, was to wipe sheetrock dust from a hundred different surfaces. She would be working in my area the entire day and she was humming and humming the same song. Ugh!
I kept thinking, 'turn on the radio, turn on the radio.' and what do you know, she did! It was a little countryish but what the heck, it was a different tune. A few tunes later though what do you think came on the radio? That's right, it was the Billy Joel song, the very same tune. 'That's weird,' I thought. Then back to songs I didn't know for a few selections and again that BJ song. 'That is not a radio is it?' I asked myself rhetorically. The ear worm was weaving a nice fat cocoon by that time.
This went on for so long that I think she realized it was becoming noisome and turned the machine off. I couldn't figure out what device she had been playing. Sandy suggested it was an iPod when I told her how my day had gone. "I could get more songs on an iPod while falling down a flight of stairs!" I remarked at the time.
In any case she had finally tuned off the incubator. What though do you think she began to hum and sing to fill the silence? Ack!!!

Brian  12-20-14

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