Thursday, November 13, 2014

Generous replies  is receiving emails on a daily basis now that the site is exceeding 500 unique visitors a day. I answer each query personally, this is a one-geek show BTW. My experience through the years has been that the really nice folks far outnumber the difficult clients and the internet has proven to be much the same.
I thought I would share some of the closing responses I have received lately, They are much appreciated.

Your thankful servant, Brian. <>

You da man.  The back flushing hot water lines worked as promised.  Made our life much easier today!
Thanks too for your great website and what you are doing to restore pieces versus throwing things out!  I'm restoring a house and it is quite sad how hard it is to find anyone with skill sets to really build or repair things like they did in my parents' day. I wish I had more of the necessary skills to get things like this done. 
That was extremely helpful, and saved me the trouble of driving an hour to get handles I couldn’t use! 
Thanks so much. Cheers! 
Brian, thanks for the info. that's just what I was needing to hear.
: Dear Mr. Geek,
My name is _____ and we spoke earlier.  I am thankful for a person who is as generous as you who would spend more time with me than my dermatologist did while charging me up the yin yang. I cut out the brass bushing and I am on my way. 

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